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Pre-Ordering Info


  • Preordering allows you to reserve items from new collections that are not yet in stock. You can either pay in full or pay 25% deposit using the relevant coupon code ( for Winter 2016 coupon code is PREME25 ). Deposit option allows you to break up your payment into 2 installments:
  • first one of 25% at the time of order placement
  • second payment - the remaining balance will be billed when all items are in stock and before order shipment.
  • Add items you want to pre-order to cart and pay in full or
  • pay 25% deposit by entering relevant coupon code at checkout. You will be charged 25% plus delivery charge at this stage.
  • We will send you confirmation email with your remaining balance and how you can pay it.
  • When the items arrive in stock the remaining 75% will be invoiced to you via Paypal or if you want to pay by Debit/Credit card will will send you instructions how to do it safely.
  • The remaining balance must be pay in full within 7 days from the date you were notified by email that the items are in stock.If payment has not been received we will contact you again for payment to be made within 3-5 days. If payment still has not been received by this time the transaction becomes Void and the items reserved by you will go back in stock. Your deposit will be sent to you by coupon voucher.
  • if your pre-order is cancelled within 14 days from the time your pre-order was placed your 25% deposit or any payments will be refunded in full.
  • if you wish to cancel your pre-order after 14 days we will send you any additional payments by coupon voucher/code but we retain 25% deposit.



1. Add items you want to purchase using Payment Plan to your cart and pay 25% deposit by entering the
Payment Plan coupon at checkout.
You will be charged 25% plus delivery charge at this stage.

2. To pay remaining balance:
  • simply log into your account -click on 'View my wish list' and your outstanding balance is there. Simply add it to cart and pay either by credit card or Paypal. The shipping will be added to your order but this has been already deducted from your outstanding balance.
  • You can also pay directly via Paypal sending funds to - you can pay as much as you want whenever it suits you but strictly within 6 weeks -please always quote your order number
You can pay the remaining balance in full or if you are paying in installments -you must pay your remaining balance withing 6 weeks from the date of placing your order.

If you paying via Paypal - just pay as much as you want -please include your order number in details. If you want to pay by credit card please email us how much you wish to pay and we will add the amount/amounts to your wishlist.

As this is not a credit arrangement-no stock is dispatched until fully paid for.
If the items in your payment plan reduce in price due to a sale or promotion you must still pay the full price of the item that it applied at the point of ordering.


  • If you need to cancel your order during the payment plan. If cancelled within 14 days the full amount is refunded. If cancelled after 14 days no refund will be given and we send you the deposit via coupon voucher (code to be used with your next purchase)
  • If for any reason you wish to return an item/s for a refund or exchange please contact us via email at to notify us which item/s are being returned.
  • For returns on payment plan we offer exchange or issue a credit note coupon to be used with your next purchase. Your items must be returned within 14 days.
  • We cannot accept returns that have been worn or damaged.


If you have any questions please contact us at

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